Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Copperazo: Shiny, Shimmering, Small pieces

I am not a fashionista. So when a good friend of mine, who happens to be a businessman, offered me to sell Copperazo -- hand-made accessories made out of copper and stones, I was hesitant. Simply because I do not know how to sell products that I basically don't wear. Though I'd put them on the moment he handed me the first batch of rings, I am still a bit ambivalent if I'd be able to push this. Well it's like love at first sight, and an unrequited one since I don't really get to own one nor I can wear it myself since it's for ladies and girls... ok... for lady-guys as well.  Anyway, I like the product.  Plus the fact that it's hand-made and Philippine made. I then decided to give it a try.

Copperazo rings, earrings and bracelets are affordable.  I never had a hard time offering them since the price is way too low for something that is hand-crafted, detailed and of quality. I also love how they coined the name of the product. Copper since obviously it's made of copper and a play of the Filipino word "kapiraso" which means "fragments," "tidbits" or "small."

Copper as a jewelry or accessory is not a new concept. In fact, there had been beliefs that Copper bracelets can cure arthritis (although this is not true at all.) Copper is soft allowing Copperazo makers create different designs and themes.  Since it's hand-made, each design is unique.

Here are some photos:
Copperazo Bracelets

Copperazo Earrings

Copperazo Rings

Pardon me with the photo quality, yours truly is a major fail when it comes to taking photos. So dear poets, if you are looking for fab Christmas Gifts, try Copperazo. Send me an email at and I'll show the stocks where you can choose.   If you're also interested to be a dealer, email me your details and we'll arrange a meeting with you.

Great timing right? Indeed great things come from Copperazo packages. Right?

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  1. hi there! is Copperazo expensive? does it have a website?

  2. Hi Phioxee, not at all. It's very affordable. We do not have a website but you can check the fan page on Facebook. Email me, I can meet you to show the merchandise. :) Thanks for dropping by too!