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On Love, Age and Marriage

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I watched last night's Maalaala Mo Kaya's Kabibe episode. It's a love story of two souls reunited after 45 years of living separate lives.  It tells us how love remains in our hearts even if we parted ways and chose to be with someone else. That there is always a chance given to people who truly love.  It also answers the questions, "Am I too old to fall in love, get married and be happy?" and "Can love truly wait?"

I'm brave enough to admit that I almost cried watching MMK last night.  I can not imagine myself waiting for forever for someone I love and wonder if I will be able to experience the same happy-ever-after ending or, with a touch of reality, suffer regrets the same way some of us had experienced.

AGE DOESN’T MATTER for the 86-year-old Retired Officer of the Philippine Air Force
Jesus Barreza and 60-year-old and Natividad Decano vda. de Luzon who were among
the 50 couples who tied the knot in the second batch of the Kasalan sa Tagum 2012
at the Trade and Cultural Center Pavilion last October 30, 2012. 
Photo by Leo Timogan of CIO Tagum
I received a press release the other day from Tagum City Information Office (Which, by the way, is one of my favorite cities,)  It tells a story of an 86 year-old man named Jesus Barreza who left Manila years ago to manage his little farm in Sagayen, Asuncion in Mindanao.  He met the “woman of his dreams.” a 60 year old widow named Natividad who met four months ago. Last October 30, they tied the knot and fulfilled their life-long dream of a fairy tale wedding.

According to the press release, Jesus and Natividad are among the 50 couples who were officially declared husbands and wives in the second batch of the Kasalan sa Tagum 2012 organized by the City Government of Tagum through the Office of the City Civil Registrar.

“Nalipay ko na finally, matawag na gyud nako sya na akong misis,” (I am happy that I can finally call her my wife) Jesus, a retired officer of the Philippine Air Force, exclaimed after the ceremony that sealed his partnership with Natividad.
KISS THE BRIDE - About 50 couples were officially proclaimed husbands and wives
after Tagum City Mayor Rey T. Uy officiated their civil wedding ceremony in the
second batch of the Kasalan sa Tagum 2012 at the Trade and Cultural Center
Pavilion last October 30, 2012. 
Photo by Leo Timogan of CIO Tagum

Kasalang Bayan has been one of the pet programs of Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy which seeks to formalize the partnerships especially those live-in couples.

The said program, as authorized by the Family Code, also made a significant contribution in reducing the number of illegitimate children in the city.

The next batch of the Kasalang Bayan is scheduled on December 12, 2012 and interested couples may inquire at the Office of the Civil Registrar’s Office at the City Hall for the requirements.

Like Jesus and Natividad, couples need not to worry about fees since this is conducted for free, except for securing the certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) which can be acquired for a minimal cost. 

The MMK story and that of Jesus and Natividad are just testimonials of the power of love and waiting.  That growing old and even in dying, love will never leave us.  I may sound too melodramatic but I just can't help it.  It's also inspiring to know that there are cities like Tagum that encourage couples to go and be married, legalize it (both to God and to your country) and commit to that love you had found.

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