Monday, 29 October 2012

Blogging Hiatus explained

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I am guilty.  It has been a month of silence. Silence in blogging at least. Well, I guess a lot of us at one point, had experienced this kind of gap, a certain hiatus or an interruption of your normal daily routine.  I don't know if you noticed that I haven't posted anything for a month now. Well, there are a lot of reasons.

I want to do a dot com blog and I have been conceptualizing on the niche and look of the blog.  I have means to pay for the site but I have been bugged with a lot of uncertainties.  One of which is, will I be able to sustain it? I think I should stick with RMLP first.  Until I perfected blogging (or at least improve on my writing skill,) I think I am not ready yet to create / start a new one.

I need another source of income. It's not because Christmas is around the corner, but due to my mom's health, I need to prepare for the unexpected. Thanks to friends who are supportive and encouraging and gave referrals.  I'm glad to report that I had found one.  I will blog about it this month.

I am now single.  Now that's not worth a blog entry. It's just one of my excuses why this blog has taken a back seat for a month.  Well I'm happier now.  So let this blog be my lover for the meantime.  Agree?

I want a car.  So if you're a car company and wants me to blog your cars every day, please send me your latest sedan.  Yabang ko! Lols! Kidding! Well, yeah! I want to own a car.  So I started visiting my financial adviser and even found a personal accountant to help me diagnose my financial health.  Believe you me, my wallet and bank account are in the ICU unit.  I was prescribed to stop using my credit cards, refrain from making unnecessary purchases (goodbye iPhone) and have at least 4k additional income on top of my monthly salary.  This is only to remedy my outstanding loans. After 10 months of not eating out (yeah nice excuse for losing weight,) and doing my laundry myself, it will be then the right time for me to save for my dream sedan. arrggghh!

Anyway, I am back! So dear poets, expect more posts from yours truly and forgive me for not posting anything here for a month.  It's a sin, yes.  But we all have ups and downs, twists and turns.  The good thing about it is that, I still have you guys.  Thanks for still visiting this site to check if there's a new post or update.

And just like a poem, we sometimes tend to stop abruptly, without any explanations why.  It just want you to feel that something is different.  That someone left or someone just want to change - for the better.

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