Friday, 20 July 2012

Patikim Dare WInners

I, as promised will now announce the winners of my blog's first DARE.  I would like to thank you guys for visiting this blog and even supported my crazy but fun idea. :)

But first here are the entries:

My papa used to give me a copy of this poem when I was younger. He told me that the trees around us are like human beings with emotions, and each tree will react to whatever circumstances they are in -- just like humans. Since then, my love for trees grow fonder, the bigger and sturdier they are, the better. Because I believe that every person is a tree honed enough to remain strong for the rest of his life.

Sad that only a few of the young people today appreciate poetry. I have some of Rod McKuen's books that I bought way back when I was still in school. I discovered his work in high school, hiram sa library. 

I like the last lines:
"You have to make the good times yourself.
Take the little times and make them big times,
and save the times that are alright for those that aren’t so good."

The poem always reminds me to stay positive, and that happiness is a personal choice.

It teaches us that even if the majority of the people are committing wrong doings, you must still do what is right. Just by doing the right thing we can have a sound basis for making wise decisions and for acting with consistency. With these simple act, you will be the living proof to the world that social change is possible. :)

Filamay Asturias Beboso

This poem inspires me so much as my dad provide enough to give me strong bones and working all of his life for us that help me shape my personality into a person who I like and am proud to be. I respect and love my dad so much since I understand that how we interact with our father is going to help our relationships with men for the rest of our lives, either positively or negatively.“Any man can produce a child; God has given them that ability, but it takes a Father to raise a child.”

I was in grade four back then, when I chanced upon this poem that changed my personality tremendously. It molded the way I talk,deal with others and about making decisions, it taught me a lot about trust, love, life and work ethics. It made me stopped comparing myself with others and made me strive for high ideals and goals. 

A Poem by Aurelio S. Alvero

I recited this for my public speaking class way back 10? years ago. I still memorize each word. I've actually applied this poem in my personal life.

Here are the winners and why I chose them:

1. Jo Arce (Trees by Joyce Kilmer) - not only she was the first to post and accepted the challenge, the poem is actually the first poem I memorized and recited when I was still 6 years old.  I still remember, I have to recite the poem in front of our class.  This made me love poetry and eventually inspired me to write my own poems.

2. Cha Sy (Desiderata by Max Ehrmann) - spot on Cha.  This poem did not only inspire all of us but has been our guide to life.  It has been a guide and a reminder on what we need to take note to have a very meaningful and fulfilling life.  

3. Filamay Beboso (A Father Like You) -  In this poem, i felt my own life in canvass. A painting hanged in an old wall. A lot have stared and moved on - some understood, some did not.  But fathers, or parents in general, will always understand and will always be there for you no matter what.

That was a tough decision.  Thank you to all those who commented and joined. Next time I will use an app to draw the winners so I won't need to explain hahaha.  Jo and Cha will both get a set of Mark Angeles chapbooks while Filamay will get 500 worth of Krispy Kreme GCs.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to RMLP!!!


  1. Yehey! Thank you so much Edwn! Have a Happy Birthday! I know it is raining non-stop since last night but let not this rain stop you from celebrating life! God bless your heart! Smile!

  2. Congrats to the winners!!!

  3. Interesting contest. I miss reading poems..

    Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Thanks guys. Cha, Jo and FIlamay please email me, I wish to see you all so I can personally hand (and take photo) the chapbooks and GCs. Again, thank you for the support!

  5. congratulations to the winners :)

  6. Hihihi I won palaaaa! Was wondering why you congratulated me the last time I greeted you my birthday greetings! Bwahaha thank you, Sir Edwin! Will email you :) so happy! Happy Birthday once again!

  7. Hi Jo and Cha, let's meet na lang this week. Let me know thanks!

  8. Cha already received her prize. Jo please email me your address or let's meet. Filamay please confirm receipt of the GCs i sent through JRS Express thanks!