Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sister Blog

I always get a lot of queries if my blog is all about poetry and I often say it's not.  That this is basically a general blog on things I like most and affect my daily life. I have not been blogging for quite some time as my day job requires me to work double time.

Realizing these dilemmas, a good cyber friend of mine put up a blog for poems we wrote and for other poems we love as well as news and features about poetry and other literary stuff.  Introducing... Poems Over Coffee.

So for those who are looking for poems to read and will inspire them to write or simply move on with life's daily battle, we humbly offer our original poems and will also feature news on local literary scenes.

Please visit, like, and share this new blog.  You can also share your own poems or suggest promos and games that will make the blogsite more engaging and fun.

And as the title implies, we invite you to coffee and let's journey to different realms and emotions of every poems.  If you're free invite us too, for poetry over coffee. :)

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