Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poetry Reading at Kanto and At Helen's Wake

At Helen's Wake
photo from At Helen's Wake Facebook Fanpage
I love music. Well second to poetry that is. So what happens when you combine these two together with yours truly and his friends in an artsy venue? A very happy and drunk poet. Hah!

Last night was a night of poetry, mojitos and good music as a very close friend of mine mounted this cool poetry gig with no title in Kanto Art Gallery at The Collective, Malugay St., Makati.  If you want to know why he did it? Read here.

So we all read poems about the theme in front of every one and then two members of a band called, At Helen's Wake played four original songs, with no mics, take note. It was more like a Saturday barkada tambayan in Kanto.  A creative way of spending your weekend while catching up with friends of friends who happened to be either your college schoolmate or your officemate's friends.  Oh well. Need I say more?  It was indeed a fun night.

Anyway, this band, At Helen's Wake is very interesting. I love their songs which are angsty yet melodic and nice to listen to. According to this rock band is actually consist of four "good-looking" guys who "love anything that sounds good, unbiased to different genres and very much impartial to what is currently in demand".

So poets, if you want to know more about At Helen's Wake you may like them on Facebook at or know more about their gigs and schedule here.


  1. Bakit hindi ko alam ang mga events nato when I was in Manila for almost 2 years. It was boring. I haven't attended any poetry reading there and only a few hours at art at Conspiracy. Kaso I always stayed home man din. Not an urban soul I think I am. Hehe. Follow ko blog mo ha?

  2. Hi Glorypearl, sayang we've been holding poetry reading for the past 5 years. Sige will keep you posted and thanks for following my blog.