Monday, 30 April 2012

Atten-huuuut! Young Chefs’ Bootcamp at CCA Podium

I love kids. In college, I thought and took a course that will make me work with or for kids. Although, to be honest and now that I am working, I seemed to deviate from that vision. I still love to do stuff for and with kids.

This summer, sharing the same passion I have for kids, the Center for Culinary Arts - Podium - again poets take note, the only market cafe, culinary school and events place in the country today, has successfully organized the Young Chef Boot Camp (YCBC).

CCA Podium's YCBC aims to teach kids and develop their culinary skills with the right method, approach and discipline.
“As CCA is known as the pioneer in culinary education in the country and has a well-developed curriculum, which is taught by trained and certified chefs. CCA guarantees a solid foundation for your children’s culinary education,” said Marinela Trinidad, chief executive officer of CCA.

CCA Young Chef Bootcamp are classes for kids 7 to 10 years old (Young Upstarts) and for pre-teens, 10 – 16 years old (Asian Flavors, Western Flavors and Baking and Pastry 101)

Young Upstarts, featured dishes that younger children love to eat like grilled cheeseburger, fish ‘n chips, chocolate chips and so much more. The 5-day course has a certain theme each day—Lunchbox Goodies, The Wild Wild West, Sweet Tooth, Little Asia and Little Italy.

Flavors, Western Flavors and Baking and Pastry 101, are 5-day classes that are more specialized, and offer an in-depth look and feel. Asian Flavors feature favorites such as various noodle dishes, soups and Filipino snacks and desserts; Western Flavors will showcase all time kids favorite dishes such as sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and more. Baking and Pastry 101 will teach kids various takes on muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes.

Exciting right? So poets, CCA Culinary School and Market Café, is at the 5th floor of the Podium along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  If you want to visit or at least experience dining there, you may call CCA Podium at 509-3466 / 696-9083 or visit their Facebook fanpage here.

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