Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am now a blogger

I was an aspiring poet first before I became a blogger.  It's just from plain love to written messages, proof of undying love and messages that can (cliche alert) kill or event heal one's heart that kept me writing up to this day. I was just an aspiring poet posting random thoughts that I evolved into what seems to be a being commonly known as a blogger hehe. I never knew that I have opened not only avenues but portals to a more complex but exciting world of advertising.  Don't get me wrong, a lot of posts here are not ads driven but more of my personal affiliation and are based on my own experiences.

This passion to brands that greatly affect my personal life had lead me to share my thoughts and even these brands to a wider audience. I can still vouch that all of my entries here are written because I believed in them and that posts are all from my observation and my own opinion.

As a poet, I sometimes keep everything to myself. I keep very few friends not becuase of my personality but of my work. I don't really have time to go out and socialize. But reading other people's blog and eventually get to learn a thing or two made me wonder.  Who is this girl? Why is is she writing about these stuff?  I learned a lot from him, I think I should give him a call / message  a pat / a treat?  I often think of these but never had the chance to get to know them well. I am not the type of person who gets intimidated. I'm not an antisocial neither.

So dear poets, when I saw an FB post in my timeline about Filipino Bloggers Hub, I think it's time for me to go out and meet some of my kind hehehe.  Come the 19th of May 2012, at 1:00pm, the Central Colleges of the Philippines will be welcoming bloggers around the metro for a simple gathering and an afternoon of getting-to-know-each-other activities with big surprises, giveaways, fun games and raffles.

A great opportunity to meet and know other bloggers and share ideas and thoughts about anything.

I already marked my calendar and ironed my preppy clothes. Haha! So see you there.

By the way this event is being sponsored by the Central Colleges of the Philippines, San Marino, Dianna Stalder, Human Nature,  Tiger Energy, Classic Savory, MedChef,   MEGA Publishing Group, OkayOkay,  Get Beauteous, Taste of Goodness, Tablets Mania.

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