Saturday, 28 April 2012

No Frillls, Hassle Free Buying & Selling Online

I love books. I can even put up my own library of poetry books, novels and even manuals. But books take too much space and my mom would really get upset whenever I buy new ones as she will have to look for space to put them once I finish reading them all.

A solution came about 3 years ago. I initially posted photos of my old books in an online auction site but I never sold any of my old books while I continue to buy new ones and load my whole room with books.

A friend recommended, a local online marketplace where I find so easy to use and with features that made my online selling a breeze.

1. Facebook connectivity - I created my account by just using my Facebook log-in details. In 3 clicks which is more like you're just starting a game app, your account is already created.

2. It's regional - Selling, and even buying is made easy by this very organized system.  If you're in NCR, the ads located near you will be shown.  No need to browse all the listings from Mindanao or Visayas, not unless you plan to fly to Cebu and buy a guitar there.

3. No frills browsing experience - even at slow connection, I can still browse and even post more ads in this site. I think the admin keeps it clean and organize by not allowing empty ads or already sold items to still be posted in the site.

4. Items being sold are screened and legitimate - This is one thing I love about this site, it doesn't sell any guns, pornographic materials or even services that disguises as wholesome but breeding ground to indecent acts.

5. Above all it's FREE - unlike other sites, who charges for extra space or photo you want to upload, AyosDito is 100% free.

6. Posting Ad is soooo easy - Just follow these steps; 1. Click the post a free ad button; 2.Fill in details and attach photos of the item you are selling; 3. Wait for the confirmation email that your ad has been posted.

So poets, if you're looking for additional income or if you just want to clean your room and free some space in your house, why not consider selling them online? Believe me, though books have been a part of me, it feels good to know that I impart and share them to others.

I will share some tips on safe online shopping and selling in my future posts but for now, I strongly encourage you guys to try  I tried the other one being endorsed by one of my literary idol, but in the end, you will ask, which is more better? Value for money or quality of goods? Diba mas ok kung MAAYOS?

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