Friday, 27 April 2012

WOW! Oishi has a new endorser

I grew up loving Oishi.  In fact, we're almost the same age. Hah! and ummm Oishi has been more like a childhood friend. And just like what I feel to friends or former classmates whenever i bumped into them and know what they have become and accomplished makes me proud and happy.  Being part of their lives at some point makes me feel a part of that success too.

For more than 30 years, Oishi has been bringing fun snacks to Pinoys of all ages. Note, all ages.  The success of this brand lies on its capacity to connect with audiences of different generation.  A brand that everyone can associate with and never cease to remind its existence through strategies like catchy campaigns and of course promising celebrity endorsers that has the ability, just like Oishi to connect with all sorts of audiences, young and old.

Recently, I had the chance to experience first hand another accomplishment of this fried of mine.  Oishi's ‘O, Wow!’ campaign is a call to action for youth to “open up to everyday surprises”— to have an open attitude that embraces life’s surprises, from the simplest to the grandest. A chance encounter, a great idea, some exciting news, a beautiful smile, or simply being deceived by vegetarian chicharon. Oishi is about delightful, unexpected moments that make you go, “O, Wow!”

And what better way for Oishi to share this message than with the young and talented Elmo Magalona. An endorser, as I initially mentioned, that is so versatile and could connect to wide audiences, young and old.

According to Shera Tiu, Liwayway vice-president for marketing, “We are very excited to have Elmo as the ambassador of the Oishi O, Wow! campaign,” She also said that  “Elmo is young, creative, and he loves what he’s doing! Just like the brand and the people behind it. We admire his positive attitude and that he’s very close to his family.”

Just like me, hehehe, Elmo is a self-confessed Oishi muncher since Childhood. We were told that he is more than excited to have been singled out as the new Oishi brand endorser.

Elmo shared during the event, “I’m really happy to be part of the Oishi family. I’ve been enjoying their products since I was a kid. And now I’m looking forward to all the work that I will be doing with them."

“It’s one of those wonderful moments when you are just going about your usual day to day activities and all of a sudden, out of nowhere or for no particular reason, something just gives you a pleasant surprise,” said Elmo about his own take of an ‘O, Wow!’ moment. “This surprise can be a thing, an incident, or even a person.”

Elmo’s presence in Oishi’s latest campaign will surely bring Oishi to a higher and new plane and connect to a younger and more adventurous generation. Over the years, Oishi has evolved to become a force to reckon with in the fun snack category. Oishi always surprises with products that create new categories and blur boundaries – such as super-sized individually-wrapped wafer sticks (Wafu), gourmet-flavored potato chips cooked in sunflower oil (Gourmet Picks), and vegetarian chicharon made out of green peas (Marty’s), and now real chicharon made with lean pork rind that’s baked and not fried (Baked Porky Popps)! Oishi is known for its creative approach to product development that makes you go “O, Wow!”

With Elmo at the forefront of the ‘O, Wow!’ movement, more and more people will surely get into the Oishi bandwagon and experience a different kind of high with every pouch of high quality Oishi products.

So dear poets, if you wanna share your O Wow! Moments on Twitter, use the Oishi O Wow! Hashtag #OWow #Oishi  and like Oishi on facebook .

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