Monday, 25 February 2013

AirAsia PH's new hotline and payment partner announced

I love traveling. In fact, I have been to almost many parts of the country but, admittedly, I have never been to Boracay. So when I heard that AirAsia, one of the low cost airlines flying tourists to Boracay via Kalibo announced that they have a new and better hotline, which, by the way is very easy to remember, I got excited.

Beginning today, AirAsia, which also has the youngest fleet, will be reachable through 742 ASIA or 742-2742 and customers can pay for their tickets cash at any 7-Eleven outlet.

 “To provide optimum customer care service for our guest, AirAsia is launching two new significant innovations. We have a new customer hotline that is easy to remember and we are also rolling out our cash payment partner with 7-Eleven store for our passengers who want to avail of our online promo and other privileges but would like to pay in cash instead of using their credit cards,” AirAsia Inc. Commercial head Freddy Herrera said.

Wow!  Isn't that fantastic and super convenient? You can book your flights online or make other purchases on their website, and then pay at 7-Eleven -- cash! 

“Filipinos will embrace this new concept of paying cash for airline tickets via our payment partners option because of its simplicity and convenience,” Herrera added.   

I was told that the payment partner service covers all existing AirAsia Philippines flights from its hub in Clark International Airport to Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur including domestic flights to Davao AND Kalibo (Boracay).

“We are expanding our payment partners service to include other outlets in the coming weeks so that more and more people will benefit from AirAsia’s awesome low fares and extensive route network covering 80 destinations in 20 countries,” Herrera said. 

Did you know that there are more than 800 7-Eleven stores nationwide? AirAsia will start accepting cash payments at 7-Eleven beginning February 28. Oh and their hotline is open daily, from Monday to Sunday, at 8:00AM – 9:00PM. 

So poets, I'll leave you for a moment.  I have a Boracay trip to plan! Good thing I just live near a 7-Eleven!

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