Thursday, 25 April 2013

Facebook kills Postcards says Skyscanner

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I love writing letters and postcards.  Though the last time I did was a year ago, I sent a postcard to a friend in Italy for his birthday.  Sadly, he received it a week later. But as they said, better late than never! Hehehe...I love it as it's something to anticipate, to wait and to finally hold it and keep for a lifetime. The romance postcards bring is something that is priceless, at least for me.

Sadly though, the use of social networking sites, Facebook in particular  has overtaken the use of the traditional postcards specially when travelling abroad. This is according to the recent survey conducted by leading global travel search site,

The survey said 81% of the 1,000 Filipino tourists polled said that they would update their Facebook while on holiday. Most of us would just post photos, post it on Facebook and tag our love ones to "digitally" share that very moment. I think, since we live in a very fast world, the need to immediately share the joy of being to places a lot of us have no capacity or means to do, has been an essential part of any Filipino travelers.

The once most popular form of communication while on foreign shores, and the most romantic, I may add which is sending  postcards has been replaced by these social networks sites with only 9% of the respondents admitting they do this. Filipinos doing this are even lesser than the average across Asia Pacific, with 11% now sending a postcard home.

The survey revealed Facebook as the most popular site to update those at home (81.4%), with 27% admitting to logging on and updating statuses every couple of hours.

The survey also shows that travel agent brochures may also be outdated, with 92% of Filipino travelers no longer using brochures for holiday inspiration. Instead, travelers turn to travel company websites (11%) and social media sites (25%), than personal recommendations from friends (13%).

Well, if you'd ask me, I will still send postcards

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