Sunday, 19 August 2012

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012

I have been blogging for a year now, and I experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people and enjoyed every bit of it.  I learned a lot and also got to use them and benefited from tips and free lessons given by fellow bloggers.  But everything is not that sweet, a lot of times I had to deal with ego hitting comments and bitter bumps a long the way -- making me stronger and more driven to continue in this quest.  To add to that, there are a lot of blogs out there, some old and some are my contemporaries, that fueled my flair in blogging. Here are my Top 10 most influential emerging blogs.
A fusion of travel oriented, inspirational and personal blog, this blog aims to hunt life's real treasures, may it be grandious or simple, valued or unnoticed, abundant or rare, visible or hidden, local or global.  The blogger shares them all, believing that these are life's treasures and are key to one's happiness.  

Astonishing, unique stories and engaging posts are this blog's strengths.  Inspiring me to continue blogging.

I love the lay-out as well as the blogger's attention to details and love for the written word.  A very intelligent personal blog which "strength are (a) readership are mostly audience/people of the same interest, professionals and educated, (b) followers are from different following icons mostly are concentrated to the same field of interest, (c) creative and design of which are uniquely blended spices of creativity, thoughts and design and others by Pa Ul despite online and just simply emerging finding his own creative way to express his soul to be heard and to be visualized."

According to the blogger, Between Coordinates started March 15, 2012 and was at first focused on the different places visited by Regine Garcia, a 21-year-old Registered Nurse and Web Designer / Developer. Five days after the blog was established, Regine decided to launch "Project 730" - a 2 year planning process before embarking on a journey around the world. Her main goal was to wander around Earth before she turns 30. Now, running on the 92nd day, she talks about her experiences with money, work, 6-month travel plans backpacking around the Philippines, and her philosophies in life. As the blog gets a day older, the insights and realizations of a young, ambitious, nomad, becomes an interest to many readers. Her tagline "I design and develop websites to travel the world before I turn 30 and no one can stop me" exemplifies her flaming passion towards art and travel.

A uniques travel blog with a hint of history and love for her own country. As a Filipino poet, I really like reading stuff about old Manila and enjoyed reading her eperience in revisiting old Manila and other historical landmarks.

Pinoys can't live without gadgets and with this blog, readers are updated "With a lot of gadgets and technology news."  Its relevant stories provides valuable insights, analysis, and gives no-nonsense gadget reviews from the latest gadgets to upcoming apps.

I love anything purple hehehe. And from my weight, one can tell that I also love food.  Blame it to this blog with its "well-written restaurant reviews and attractive food photos", I gained a lot from my tummy to my brain. The Purple Doll served as my guide on where to eat and what to order.  it also gave me a lot if information about food and eating healthy.

According to the blogger "The blog takes on the daily pressing news and issues concerning urban situations, specially transport (mobility) and related projects. As it progresses, the blog will also be featuring traffic and policy issues affecting Metro Manila, which will be expanded to cover related issues from other neighboring Asian countries by way of comparative statistics and demographics."

I am not a fashionista, but this "informative, entertaining and honest" blog, gives a lot to make this poet dress more appropriately and would even shop for my nieces clothes and accessory with ease. 

Basically a singer's mana and haven to good music reviews and updates.

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