Sunday, 24 July 2011

Read Me Like A Poem

Read me like a poem.  Yes! Slowly, expressively and sometimes you really just have to read me over and over again.

You see, a poem as I was told has different layers. It has different meanings and therefore, has different kind of beauty.  A poem, just like a woman, a toy, a movie or even a food, is viewed and consumed differently.  It doesn't own a single picture and has a unique way of being told. It all depends on the person reading the poem even. Or a man ogling a woman passing by; or a kid enviously looking at his playmate's toy; or a critic bashing a movie he just watched for free; or a customer of an overrated restaurant encouraging his friends to go there too.

And like a poem, you may like or dislike me or whatever I have to say.  To manage your expectation, I want you to know that this blog is basically about anything and I hope that a lot of you will appreciate what this blog hopes to achieve.  Not that it has a goal or something. It just wants to tell you things I want to share.

And lastly, just like a poem, it doesn't really matter if I make sense because the true meaning of a poem is when you’re moved deep within of what I have to share.  You don't need to think,  just feel it.  If you can't still get it the first time... try reading me again and again and again.

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