Friday, 29 July 2011

Clarity's Be Visible Campaign

I seldom go to a dermatologist. In fact, I don't consider myself vain. I've tried facial and diamond peeling twice but since it's expensive and I really don't think it's a necessity, I wasn't able to do it regularly. So when I got invited to Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center's launch of its new campaign, I thought maybe I can check it out and see what's this relatively new skin-care clinic has to offer.

Dubbed as Be Visible, Clarity's campaign does not only urges everyone to be beautiful but it encourages people to put beauty into action. That one has to step out of the shadow, claim the limelight and get noticed. Hmmm not bad for a campaign.  I personally think, with a lot of derma clinics sprouting here and there, some are even tempting ith their so affordable prices and even being endorsed by celebrities, that dermatology in the country has transformed from a medical field into commercial business. With Clarity's Be Visible campaign I realized two things.  First, there are few skin care clinics who do this. Encourage their clients to empower themselves.  Clarity will not only offer discounted facial and dental services but they will also big discounts to a Personality Development course with John Robert Powers. What a briliant idea.  Giving a total package to enrich not only your outside beauty but also your inner pulchritude. Second, there are also few skin care clinics who employs board certified doctors topersonally attend to their customer's needs.  I found out that at Clarity is known for their doctors. Being a 100% subisidiary of Healthway Medical Centers, I think makes Clarity worth trusting.

Ms. Carmie De Leon, Clarity's vice president for sales and marketing, explaining the Be Visible campain.  She said " Clarity believes that the road does not end in being aesthetically pleasing.  Being beautiful is being visible.  Being visible is putting that beauty into action.  To achieve more in life, one has to be viible in their chosen endeavor. For us, being able to show what they got, sho their self-confidence and become noticeabe, that is visible."

Clarity also partnered with Zest Air in launching the campaign and I heard that there are more companies who are going to be part of this project.   Anyway. I got excited and wanted to try to experience it again and this time I'd love to have a treatment with a real derma.  For Be Visible they are offering free consultatons, a customized beauty plan (this is cool, since not all procedures and treatment are apt to everyone) and discounts to John Robert Power's offerings.

Oh and by the way, Clarity offers a wide range of services from anti-aging, to whitening, and contouring. So even men can avail of their services specially for hair loss and dental problems, as Clarity also offers other services that answers to two of men's problem - hair and teeth.

For anyone of you who would like to know more about Clarity and even try their services, you can visit Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental at the Fifth level of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong.

To know more about their services you may call 910-4956 to 58 or 0916-Clarity.  You can also like them on facebook, just click this link or visit their website at

So there, with this campaign I guess being vain will not be the first thing to hit your mind when you think of skin care.  I learned self empoerment, i learned that being vaing is just tryng to be beautiful and you stop there.  I think most of us would stop there and would just enjoy people admiring us.  Being visible is taking the next step, a higher frequecy, a different layer. a notch higher to be able to empower and be successful.  A call to action to make everyone Be Visible.

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